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[IP] Still Disgusted...

Thanks for all your input yesterday. I feel like I might need a little
cheese with my whine, however I am having problems, and I feel you might
have the answers.

I have been pumping now 10 days and have changed the infusion set 11 times.
Lost pump twice in bed, other times cannula bent , or whatever and had to

I have tried softserts,qr bent needle(ouch) sillohette or tender, and the
Last nite had rapid long infusion set. went to bed at 166bs and this morning
woke up looked over and there is Hilda(that's my pump) right beside me. Look
at my belly she is still attached. I'm thrilled. Checked my sugar and 254,
look at site and looks like a little blood, pull it out to change and this
never happened before blood GUSHED out of site got to bathroom , and got it
stopped. I changed to the tender and tried to insert it 10 degrees, someone
thought i might be inserting incorrectly. It is working great and I wish the
tenders would work because I like them the best.

See endo in morning,but any help I could have would be appreciated from

Jim from WVA

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