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[IP] 100% satisfaction...

I just found this site yesterday and am pleased to say that already I
have found a "sister pumper" from my area.  We had a nice chat last
night, and are maki g arrangements to have lunch and discuss our mutual
"child"  Thank-you for this site.    I became a pumper 2 weeks ago, and
already I feel the freedom of not HAVING to be a slave to the clock and
food.  If I don't wanna eat, then I don't have to eat.  The first time
in 30 years.  I have a MiniMed 507C and feel quite comfortable with it.
I have enough room in my bra to hide the pump and have already
discovered when and how to disconnect....
I know there ids much more to learn, but if I learned nothing else, I
would be a "HAPPY PUMPER..

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