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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete v. Profile

I've had endless trouble with the Profile -- it requires so much blood and
everything about the memory seems anti-intuitive.  Of course, if you use if for 4
or 5 months, any meter becomes automatic so I may just not have stuck it out long
enough.  Profile is more temp sensitive than my Complete, on the other hand, with
the old Complete strips, there is more variation in readings when you don't fill
the strip entirely.   The new Complete strips seem much better this way.  Over
the years I've discovered that there is once in a while a very unstable meter --
the old exactech meters would vary as much as 200 points each time if you tested
3 times in a row, for instance -- but much of the variability in meters is that
whichever meter I have gotten used to is the one I think of as reliable, and the
newer one's variations seems out of line.  They all vary quite a bit if you test
them over and over again.  I've never been quite sure what to do about this
although for the most part they do seem to be in the correct range.

This brings me back to the old question about hypos, though.  If you should treat
a hypo below a certain number (80 or 70 or 60 -- depending on who you ask), and
if meters will read anywhere from 40 to 90 when you are this range, how do you
pick where to treat the hypo?  No, I cannot go by symptoms since I can have none
at 20 and some at 80 and ocassional adrenal problems obscure them.  At what bg #
does a hypo need to be treated to prevent damage?  Then, how do you get close
enough to your meter's range?


Sam Skopp wrote:

> At 07:59 PM 2/20/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
> >I have had similar experiences with the Complete and the Profile.  I was
> >selected to be on the Complete field trial before it became available to the
> >public.  Once I was having an insulin reaction (I know this because of the
> >classic symptoms) and I tested with both meters at the exact same time.  The
> >Complete said I was 89 and the Profile said I was 51.  Now that is quite a
> >difference.  I always notice the profile to be a bit lower and in that
> >instance it proved to be more accurate.  I did the full field trial for the
> >Complete and then went back to using my Profile full-time and it is my meter
> >of choice.
> I had a similar experience with their original strips... my problem was the
> readings were not only off, but inconsistently off (both high & low).
> However, their new Comfort Curve strips not only use a lot less blood, but
> seem to be a lot more accurate as well. Another point is that the Complete
> is supposed to read about 12% higher, so that it parallels the plasma
> readings that your doctor uses. This is by design.
> I still like my Profile best, but the Complete, using the new strips, is
> certainly worth a try.
> Sam
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