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Re: [IP] Supply List

"Natalie A. Sera" wrote:
> It says 1 box each of Polyfin QR needles

That's the SofSet QR: Polyfin is the tubing, seems someone there got confused
or thought it HAD to be different from sofSets in some noticeable way.....

Soft Set Ultimate Needles 

Presumably SofSets without QR

> Silhouette Needles.  I know what the SofSets and Silhouettes are, but
> what is Polyfin QR?
> Then they say a box of paper tape. Is that the same as Hypafix?

Don't know, gave up on external tapes when I started using Comforts (aka
or Tenders).

> Also, Polyskin II -- is that the same as IV3000?

Seems I remember that 1 is 1 brand of tape I used way back when.
> I remain totally confused about which brand of what is which -- Tenders,
> Comforts, Rapids, Silhouettes, Sofsets, etc. Tegaderm, Hypafix, IV3000,
> Polyskin, etc.

Tenders , Comforts and Silhouettes are all the same thing, made by Maersk in
Denmark and private labeled (OEM) for the 3 different companies that sell them.

> The supplies I have are what MiniMed sent -- I didn't choose which or
> what -- but there is a stern sentence  to the effect that my insulin
> pump start will be delayed if I don't bring my supplies.  I wonder if
> brands matter!

To an extent. I'm sure you only need 1 of the 3 I mentioned above, the tapes
Better call them and ask for clarification!
> Type Weird, with pump in hand!

Soon to be on belt or in pocket, I presume!

Ted Quick 
email @ redacted
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