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Re: [IP] question about silhouettes

Cindy Arrowood wrote:
> I am trying out the "sils". This is my second time trying them, and both
> times, I've noted a light red (very light), slightly raised (very slightly)
> bump about the size of a dime at the spot where I think the end of the
> cannula is. No itching or burning. This happens not long after insertion. I
> am intimidated by them somewhat with that big, honkin' insertion needle,
> but the second one was easier and I went in at what I estimated to be a 30
> degree angle. I use Velosulin. I am neither heavy nor thin-just well
> padded. Is this to be expected? Thanks, cindy

I've had that a few times, always thought the canula had gotten too close
to the surface on the far end, but not certain. Might the fact that your talking
about the 30 degree angle which is tangent to a curve have any effect on how
the far end is?

Ted Quick
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