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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete v. Profile

At 07:59 PM 2/20/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>I have had similar experiences with the Complete and the Profile.  I was
>selected to be on the Complete field trial before it became available to the
>public.  Once I was having an insulin reaction (I know this because of the
>classic symptoms) and I tested with both meters at the exact same time.  The
>Complete said I was 89 and the Profile said I was 51.  Now that is quite a
>difference.  I always notice the profile to be a bit lower and in that
>instance it proved to be more accurate.  I did the full field trial for the
>Complete and then went back to using my Profile full-time and it is my meter
>of choice.

I had a similar experience with their original strips... my problem was the 
readings were not only off, but inconsistently off (both high & low). 
However, their new Comfort Curve strips not only use a lot less blood, but 
seem to be a lot more accurate as well. Another point is that the Complete 
is supposed to read about 12% higher, so that it parallels the plasma 
readings that your doctor uses. This is by design.

I still like my Profile best, but the Complete, using the new strips, is 
certainly worth a try.


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