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[IP] Got my pump!

I went in Wednesday and started pumping! So far so good. I have really
felt bad for 3 days, today I feel much better. The Doc. says it is where
I am not used to my BS being around normal. Has anyone elce had this

I really like the pump so far though. My BS has been 101 89 77 and such
in the am. It hasnt been this low in ages. I am afraid to sleep through
the night though, afraid it will drop to low, so I am getting up at
230am to check. So far it has been good.

One more question, I have read about hoe you dont have to eat until you
feel like it, but my sugar keeps dropping in the morning, should I
reduce by temp. basal rate? Or am I getting too much insulin throught
the night. Thanks!

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