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RE: [IP] Supply List

> It says 1 box each of Polyfin QR needles, Soft Set Ultimate Needles and
> Silhouette Needles.  I know what the SofSets and Silhouettes are, but
> what is Polyfin QR?

Generic name	MiniMed Name	Disetronic Name
============	============	===============

Bent Needle Set	Polyfin QR		Classic

--------------	Sof-Set		--------------

--------------	------------	Rapid

--------------	Silhouette		Tender

> Then they say a box of paper tape. Is that the same as Hypafix?

Paper tape could be Hypafix, or it could be used for creating a safety loop,
but for now assume that it is Hypafix.  Which you would only need for the
bent needle set.

> Also, Polyskin II -- is that the same as IV3000?

Polyskin II is very similar to OpSite or IV3000.
Polyskin II is made by Kendall, IV3000 by Smith Nephew

> I remain totally confused about which brand of what is which -- Tenders,
> Comforts, Rapids, Silhouettes, Sofsets, etc. Tegaderm, Hypafix, IV3000,
> Polyskin, etc.
> The supplies I have are what MiniMed sent -- I didn't choose which or
> what -- but there is a stern sentence  to the effect that my insulin
> pump start will be delayed if I don't bring my supplies.  I wonder if
> brands matter!

I am not sure what supplies were sent to you, but you should make the
decision on what you want.  If you were shipped a 90 day supply of a sets
that you are not comfortable with, you should ask MiniMed, Who will be
responsible for the replacement supplies.

Just a bit of info!

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