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[IP] Accu-Chek Complete v. Profile

	I just recieved my Complete from MiniMed, however i have been
using a Profile for awhile and Fast Take for those times where you just
cannot seem to wait the 45 seconds.. :)
	I played with both meters (Profile adn Complete) and i found that
i could be 268 on the complete, and only 200 on the Profile. (of course
this makes me like the profile... (laughs))
 This is the difference of +1 and +2 on my sliding scale.  I was reading
on teh Dex (on this) and saw how some have had skewed results based on teh
Plasma/Serum thing.  To the best of my knowledge, these are both whole
blood meters (i could be wrong).
	I was wondering if anyone else has seen this?

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