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Re: [IP] Re: plasma/serum vs whole blood

email @ redacted wrote:
> What is the difference besides the obvious?  Why do some meters check plasma
> and most meters the whole blood.  

The old standard was to read it out as whole blood, soince that IS what is 
being tested. In the last few years it's become common to think that doctors
might get confused by home readings compared to their lab readings, since
the lab, or plasma, readings are 12% higher. Problem is that you can't get
a home test done with a centrifuge to separate out some water, as done in 
the lab, but blood varies in certain ways, which makes a direct conversion
in home bg machines inaccurate for SOME, though not all, diabetics.

So, the newer variety meters multiply the actual reading by 1.12, or a 
slightly different factor depending on the manufacturers ideas, and reports
"plasma" readings.

And what about the software that is offered
> now?  Do most of you use it?

I do, and I know many others do too. Beats the dickens out of hand recording 
all the tests we do so the doc can see it.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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