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Re: [IP] Disgusted

Jim Potts wrote:
> Hi this is Jim,  I have been back on pump for 9 days , when it is working I
> love it. However I have read on here where some of you change sites every 6
> days , in 9 days I have changed 10 times.  Tried soft serta bent
> canuala{little plastic do whichie} 5 times, pump pulled out of site2 times
> in bed at nite that was small needle rapids. Tried the qr bent needle long
> infusion set and must have pulled or something woke up with300bs this
> morning. See endo and trainer monday if can't get this better I'm back on
> shots.
> I am now using the long infusion 110 and 10 rapid today , and also I have a
> loop taped so as have saftey in case I drop or pull.
> Any help or advise would be appreciated , sorry to vent but I would love to
> be a pumper, but maybe not meant  for me.

Have you tried the Tender/Sllhouette/Comfort sets? I find they stay a lot
better than QRs and usually don't even need external tape. The canula is longer, 
but goes in to the side of the base, which is solidly mounted on a large piece 
of tape. Disconnect is in the base, using a split disk with clips to the sides.

Really a much better design than any others I've seen. I've been using
Comforts for 4.5 years, wouldn't want anything else.

You can see Silhouettes (same thing as my Comforts) on MiniMed's webpage at:


Ted Quick
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