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Re: [IP] Disgusted

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From: Jim Potts <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: Saturday, February 20, 1999 10:26 AM
Subject: [IP] Disgusted

Hi Jim,

I am responding to your e-mail to the insulin pumpers' listserv about
adjusting to having stuff attached to you while you sleep.

I've been attached to my HTRONplusV100 pump almost continuously for nearly
18 months.  At night it sits next to me on the bed.  By day, horizontal in
leather flip case on my belt, tubing under belt.

Since then, my a1c has never exceeded 5.2%, and I've had more energy,
freedom, flexibility, and feel and look better than in ten years on mdi.
So, were you I, I'd keep on using the pump.

>in 9 days I have changed 10 times.

Why?  What made you think you needed to change?

>Tried soft serta bent
>canuala{little plastic do whichie} 5 times, pump pulled out of site2 times
>in bed at nite that was small needle rapids. Tried the qr bent needle long
>infusion set and must have pulled or something woke up with300bs this

I judged during week 1 that I am not meant to be continuously attached to a
metal needle.  I personally use the tender / silhouette infusion sets.  They
move when I do and are painless when properly attached and are so thin as to
be imperceptible to others.

I have only become detached from my infusion set once, and real early in my
experience.  I've even had my pump dangling from the infusion set, hanging
from my skin.  Not pleasant, makes me gasp, but it still doesn't come off.

Here's what I do:  Shave the hairs on my upper abdomen where I plan to try
to attach the infusion set.  Wash with a surgical scrub (Hibiclens).  Rinse
thoroughly.  Dry with towel.  Wipe on a site prep (Smith-Nephew IV Preps
with TriClosan) that seals the skin with a rubberizer.  Allow to air dry.
Insert  infusion set up to the needle hilt, per instructions, at the
slightest angle they recommend or even slighter (10 degrees), so the needle
is just under the skin.

>See endo and trainer monday if can't get this better I'm back on

These people may or may not know what to do.  If they have you using what
you describe below, I suspect they are not as knowledgeable as we on this

>I am now using the long infusion 110 and 10 rapid today , and also I have a
>loop taped so as have saftey in case I drop or pull.

I use 80 cm tubes and no loop.  This looping stuff is very uncomfortable,
IMNSHO.  It takes more tape, and tape itches, is hot, and messy.

The tenders use only about a square inch of tape.
>Any help or advise would be appreciated , sorry to vent but I would love to
>be a pumper, but maybe not meant  for me.

Hope this helps.
email @ redacted

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