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[IP] Re:exercise & carbs

I am aware of two separate and and related effects of exercise and BS levels:

1) The immediate fuel for the exercise is that which is readily available -
the blood sugar.

2) Somehow execise "makes" the insulin more potent.  In other words the
insulin becomes more efficient after excercise.  This effect can last up to
36 hours after the exercise.

When blood sugars get low the body can react by releasing stored sugar (in
the form of glycogen from the liver) This release is heavy and causes a
rapid rise in the blood sugar.

I think this is what was going on.

I find this is variable with lots of things and that you could experiment
with two ways to control this better.

a) eat some protein along with the carbs prior to exercise. This may
provide coverage for the extre efficiency of the insulin in your body.

b) use a lower temporary basal rate to compensate for the increase in
insulin efficiency.

c) use a combination of the two.
I do a lot of cycling and in addition take a blood sugar test:

 at most every 45 minute
 when I feel unusually weak

 when feel exceptional euphoric ( I find hard to distiguish between the
endomorhin       high and the lightheadedness that can mean a low BS)

 when I feel off for any reason.

On rides longer than 45 min I drink 50/50 split of apple juice and water.
4 oz every twenty minutes.

Of course YMMV. But it is important to take into account the two
consequences of execise on blood sugar levels.

    _`\<,_   Irv
   (_)/ (_)

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