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My first 1.5 days on the pump & behavior patterns NOT to follow....
     I first started  trying to get my pump during November 1998. I had read a
newspaper story about it and decided that after 29 years of needles, PUMPING
seemed better. Hope for getting approved for my pump before New Years Day by
my HMO  was quickly evaporating. I hadn't been to many doctors to treat my
diabetes because early in my illness I sort of stopped going to my family
doctor in the Bronx once a month (age 17) , because him testing my urine for
sugar was just as easily done by myself. I changed my doses as I deemed
necessary & even stopped testing for years at a time. I changed types of
insulin as I deemed necessary . I ate too much a lot of times, & took more
needles of regular. 10, 20 sometimes 30 units at a time. Now I look back &
sort of can't beleive how decent I did for so long.I eventually gained weight
(30 lbs.overweight)as my control got a little better. Less peeing sugar.
        I also was sort of embarrased about letting other people know about my
diabetes. I HATED that word. Nobody at my college knew. Even during spring
break when we tripped down to Florida in my VW bus nobody knew. Since I
started pumping I tell everyone about my disease.                             
         Lets get back to November 1998.....
         Now I was up to 3 or 4 needles daily. When I first went to the
DIABETIC CENTER at Saint Johns Hospital in Yonkers NY my eyes were opened as
to what "good treatment" really consisted of and I decided that I wanted
"INTENSIVE treatment" from now on. The nutritionist nurse Kirsten, opened my
eyes about proper diet & later on about Carb counting. The main MD, Dr
Neshiwat lectured me about how careless I had been for so long & what problems
would eventually catch up to me if I continued that way.Tanya, Joan & Jan are
the greatest & smartest people (NURSES)  I' ve  ever known. I feel like I owe
my life to these people.They ALL helped in my fight with the HMO which kept
inserting 1 block after another before approving me for a pump. My Minimed
rep, Dominique Halloway also helped battle the HMO for me . Finally , I got my
PUMP . On Wednesday Jan 13 my pump arrived. My appointment was for Friday but
I could not wait no longer. Does anyone think I'm gonna keep taking needles &
pump SALT WATER for a week ? I DON"T THINK SO. I watched the video, I read the
Insulin Pump Therapy  book tested 6 to 12 times a day for 2 months already &
I"ve been treating myself for already 29 years.  I couldn't wait no longer.
Thursday morning I took a small needle with only 10 units regular because I
decided by noon to be pumping. I did it alone ;my wife said I was crazy but my
first day was OK. My sugars were a little high because I was afraid to take
too much basally. I kept correcting with boluses . Finally Friday I go to the
doctor & surprised everyone. They were a little ?? mad at me for doing it
alone & not as a team effort but after explaining accurately about every blood
test & every bolus & my calculations for base rates I think they agreed I
understood pump operations slightly.
They feared what if I didn't understand what could've happened. Finally, they
did teach me what I'd calculated wrong & how they knew better than me about my
treatment. I agreed to use a "TEAM" style treatment from now on.My Team are
the greatest and I feel something about all of them that I've never felt about
anybody in my entire life. I even started going to their Pumpers meetings
since they made me feel different about this disease. I' ve lost about 14 lbs
since I met my team. Our PUMPER meetings are the FIRST TUESDAY of every month
at Saint Johns Hospital
in YONKERS.I think anyone is welcome to attend but I'm not sure.Telephone
914-9644558 & ask.
         Pumping is great & now my biggest fear about diabetes killing me
young is gone. I'll probably live longer and end up as a "OLD" bastard
because of my team treatment. I'm even looking forward to my next HbA1c test.
Boy, how things change. Everyone around me tells me I look & sound different,
like I'm a different person. I feel great.
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