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[IP] Stem cell research that is NOT FROM EMBRYOS

I am one of those fortunate people who were selected by the ADA to speak to
my congressman during the Rally for a Cure.  He has not been particularly
supportive of diabetes research.  I wonder if if is because of the stem
cell/embryo issue.

I have been reading a few really promising articles about stem cell
research that IS NOT using embryo stem cells.  Like reconstructing bladders
from a dog's own stem cells.  making blood cells from rat's own brain stem
cells.  And using stem cells from pig's testicles!  Also, I have heard that
umbilical cords have stem cells and perhaps could be used.

I would like to take something very authoritative to my congressman to
persuade him to really back this new stem cell research so that we can get
beyond embryo stem cells.  I don't know how to retrieve this information. 
I admit that I have not done a real search of the internet.  Is anyone
personally familiar with this kind of research to help educate me?

When I think of the possibilities and all of the people who could be
helped, Alzheimers, livers, pancreases, bladders, etc, etc.  Leukemia....
and obviously many others.  I really think that the Government should
really back this kind of research! (And get away from using embryo stem
cells...I don't think we really need them)  At this point I fear stem cell
research is a dirty word for many and we need to show that there are

Thanks.  If you want to email me privately that is fine.

Diane Massey
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