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Re: [IP] It's okay to be depressed--for a short while

I allow myself to get depressed for a short time and then I got to get over it. If
for some reason I can not seem to shake it off I found a thing to do that usually
works but you got to be by yourself.
I put on a cd of someone I like but in my wildest dreams could never ever sing as
well as, then I turn the volume up as loud as it will go without to much distortion,
I then sing/ shout as loud as I can and even dance around, what ends up happening
most of the time is I end up on the floor laughing at myself . Most of the time this
is enough to help me out of a depressive black hole kinda works like a ladder of
If you really want to get a vocal cord workout try to sing those old southern hymns,
I think that is the reason why my church went to a live band, drown us out a bit :0)
and the Pastor does look at me kinda funny when I start laughing at myself in
church....gee if he was only close enough to hear
Take Care

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