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[IP] My two cents on multiple posts

Questions about testing using the second drop of blood:  I'm old enough, and
I suspect a lot of you are, too, to remember the very first glucometers that
came out.  Even a tiny bit of alcohol threw off the chemical reaction, so we
told people to test the second drop, to make sure any residual alcohol on
the finger tips was "washed away" by the first drop of blood.  Obviously not
a problem with the newer meters (and I mean newer as in last 10 years), and
if you don't use alcohol before testing, not a problem either.

Questions about treating rebound high blood sugars:  I have found that
Jenna's rebounds predictably last 6 to 8 hours, and all the insulin we add
to the system during those 6 to 8 hours just maintains her sugar and keeps
it from going higher.  Then, the sugars just kind of come back down.  So I
just have her test, bolus her usual high sugar bolus, every 3 hours or so,
and know that it's going to be fine in 8 hours.  Probably could also use an
increase temp basal rate, haven't tried it, but might work out just fine.

Questions about effect of exercise on blood sugars:  Not only does YMMV
apply to different people doing the same exercise, it applies to one person
doing different kinds of exercise, and at different times per day.  Jenna
has PE class at school at 9:00, while her breakfast Humalog bolus is still
working, and 30 min of PE always makes her sugar drop like a rock.  We
decrease breakfast bolus on PE days, and she drinks 25 gm of orange juice
just before going to PE.  Temp bolus too much for a kid to mess with at
school, but would probably work.  But in the late afternoon, when she goes
to her gymnastics workout, she needs extra insulin or else her BS rise.  It
makes it hard to predict what to do about a new activity, but you just have
to check frequently and see what works, and what time of day it works.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, pumping 5 months

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