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[IP] sick idea and stayed out of the hospital

HI Everyone!
I am smiling cause I am almost 100% better from my flu and ear
infections and because this is the first time in I don't know how many
years I made through an infection without having to go in the hospital
:0) Plus having a pump made it so much easier since I was so up and down
in my bg readings I could suspend, alter, add etc. my insulin needs all
day and night. Pretty cool I think. I also went to the office for the
first time in 2 years on Tues., Wed and Thurs and had so much fun, it
was hard and I got so tired but I would not trade it for nothin.
I have read a few post about prolonged illness and wanted to add an
experience. About 7 months after my dm dxd I caught a virus that turned
into a sinus infection and was put on antibiotics. For 3 months I was on
antibiotics and in and out of the hospital. My infection would clear up
but I felt horrible regardless of my bg numbers. I realize most do not
take antibiotics for that long but because of how prone I am to
pneumonia etc. I sometimes go on antibiotic therapy. Anyway all through
this time I keep having to go in and they would hook me up to a salt
water IV, and I started to notice they were always injecting stuff into
my IV bag and I asked "hey what is that?". They said "well you are low
on nutrients vitamins minerals stuff like that"  and I thought oh well
that is normal for a CFer who does not digest food very well so no
biggy. I started to realize the only time I felt any better was after
getting an IV with the injection and I would feel ok for about a day or
One day after doing this for about a month my GP called and said I want
you to come in every week and do some lab's, I said why and he said
because every time you get an IV treatment you have a dangerous lack of
magnesium and I want to do labs to see if this is a constant problem. I
found out through the lab test it was, my magnesium level would drop so
low that I felt terrible and had trouble walking, thinking, extreme low
blood pressure etc., it was like a chain reaction.
Now I take slow-mag twice a day sometimes more and if I miss in about 48
to 72 hours I am very ill, I was told that this is not uncommon for a
diabetic some more extreme then others but I know that you can fell very
bad without the right amounts in your body and that it is often picked
up as a problem when someone does not seem to be recovering from an
I hope I have not repeated something already suggested I was out of the
"loop" for a bit so forgive me.
Take Care of Yourselves
increase your face value "smile"

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