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[IP] It's okay to be depressed--for a short while

I sent this once--but I don't think it worked. If you get this message
twice, then I'm sorry.

Randall's note leads me into some thoughts I had the other night after
posting a note about my friend's feelings:

>One of her parents said it wasn't what they had expected me to say... I was 
>supposed to come in and give some "ministerial counseling" about not feeling 
>bad etc...   and when I talked further with them they began to understand
>the "it's OK" line can make things difficult to handle...  you have to 
>acknowledge that the situation is bad, you don't like it, you don't think
>any fun and it really is an annoying pain... and once everyone accepts that 
then you are prepared to work to minimize the impact on your life by working 
>with the medical "professionals" to develop a livable treatment plan...

I'm the first to admit that as much as I try to have a good attitude and
keep BG in line I still "get down" from time to time. During those times, I
withdraw from outside activities and do things that are rewarding to me--
and consequently the "me" time recharges "my battery". Being alone
sometimes is part of my personality. I pray because I believe there is a
God who loves us, who listens, and is there to help us. I evaluate where I
can do better. Sometimes I map out new strategies on paper because a
picture helps me remember my goals.

What my main point is, is that it's okay, like Randall said, to admit that
you don't like the restraints of diabetes. It's okay to pull back and
reassess. I feel like when I come back into society, I'm even stronger for
having "the depression." I knew a lady who said that she does allow herself
to be angry or to feel sorry for herself--but she only allows herself 20
minutes for that and then she moves on.

If we didn't resent the hard times, we wouldn't love the good times as much.

How's that for a sermon, Randall? I didn't mean it as a sermon. These are
just my observations.

sincerely sue

Sue Ellen Eggett
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