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Re: [IP] Ketone Strips

I would advise against using the "bag method".  Even with the dessicant
packed in the bag, you may still get some deterioration of the reagant
on the strips.  It is best to keep the products in their original

If you can't find the Bayer Foil-Wrapped Ketostix, ask your pharmacist
to order them for you...they ARE still being manufactured, and are
available to the pharmacy from virtually EVERY major drug wholesaler.


ohn Neale wrote:
> I wonder whether you could take one of those tiny polythene bags that
> has a self-sealing strip along the top, and put a couple of ketone
> strips in there along with a small bag of desiccant crystals, taken from
> an old ketone strip bottle? Wouldn't take up much space. And would
> surely last a few months at least, with the desiccant in there. You
> might want to tear off a color chart from the side of a bottle to be
> complete. Hmmmm....
> I've had a similar problem trying to find foil-wrapped visual bg testing
> strips. They don't seem to make them any more. It used to be an ideal
> backup in case of meter failure when I'm on the road.
> John
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