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Re: [IP] Exercise

Jennifer,  YMWV with exercise.  It seems like everyone is different.
Unfortunately, noone but you will be able to figure this out.  I exercise
everyday.  I increase my basal rate when I start exercising because I always
get a rise two hours after.  This is for an hour or two of exercise like
aerobics, running, or the like.  If my bg is normal, I will eat if I exercise
in the a.m. and take half the usual bolus.  When I exercise before supper, I
eat 12 gms carb and  do not bolus ( I don't eat anything if my bg is 150 or
higher).  I do not change my basal rate for one or two hours of exercise.  If
I am doing a new exercise I have to eat more carbs or I will go low.  My bg
has to be 200 for me not to eat anything before a new exercise.  If I do an
all day exercise like hiking, I will lower my basal rate for the hike.  I
would never bolus for a high after exercise because I know my bg will drop.
My problem has been the following morning.  If I feel that I have exercised
intensely today, I will eat cereal with no bolus before bedtime to avoid a
morning low.  This seems to work for me most of the time.  You see how
complicated this is so that is why I say you have to figure it out for
yourself.  I also have different plans for different exercises.  If I wasn't
an exercise addict I don't know if I would bother with it at all.  BTW, I
thought your starting BG of 195 was close to perfect (I like being 180).  I
definitely would not have bolused for that.  ellen  
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