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[IP] Exercise

> email @ redacted wrote:
> > I am going skiing this weekend, the first time since I've had the pump. 

Hi Jonelle,

I had an experience skiing that was not very good, but have not tried it
again.  I started out close to hypo when I started, despite eating lots
of gummy bears.  My Bg kept going lower, so eventually I turned off my
pump, which has been a mistake for me anytime I have done it.  Of course
I had dramatic rebound highs afterwards.  I've also had experience with
highs after exercise without hypo's.  Anyway, I neglected to turn down
my night time basal rate (which is double my daytime basal rate), and
unfortunately, had a hypo seizure that night around 2:30am.  The only
seizure I've had since starting the pump.  Fortunately, I'm fine now,
but this is a word of caution.

Janet Riganti

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