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Re: [IP] Exercise

Aaron and Jennifer,

I most likely won't say ( write ) this as eloquently as Sara S*, but Aaron don't
forget YMMV and that's for all of us!  Maybe I misinterpreted your response
here, but it comes across to me that this is the only way to do it and your very

Sara wrote something just this week and provided an example that I thought was
great.  We need to be careful in the way we word things.  We have new pumpers
and newly diagnosed diabetics who are looking for help and could take something
like this email as fact and it's just not.  What works for you many not work for
someone else and I think that's really important to remember.

> You've got to plan two hours in advance.

I don't and I've never had a problem.  I do 45 min ( aerobic ) and 1/2 hour
weight lifting and stretching.

> Never ever exercise within the
> first two hours after a bolus if you are using Humalog.

I always test before I begin my workout.  I have from time to time given a bolus
of humalog if I was high.  If I am 300 plus I give a bolus and wait until I come
down to exercise.

> When you had the
> 195 you had a choice exercise or bolus and wait two hours before exercising.
> Or bolus, eat and exercise.

Those may be your choices but may not be everyone's choice.

> Those with experience exercise in the morning because of night time lows.

Not True for me!  For over 20 years now I exercise after work which is anywhere
from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. and I am doing fine.

> After exercise a temporary basal is required.

Not True for me!  If I put myself in temporary basel then by bs's go up.

> The two hours before exercise
> you want to deplete your epidermal stores of insulin.

How on earth do you test for this?

> Those with experience exercise every day. In other words nobody successfully
> exercises once every three weeks.

So now you are passing judgment on myself and others that don't exercise every
single day?  Who gave you that right?  How dare you say Nobody.  I don't
consider myself a Nobody!  I also successfully exercise four days a week!

Jennifer,  please take all this information, even Aaron's, and work out what
works best for you.

Fran, a little, ok a lot cranky this morning and no my BS is fine.

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