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Re: [IP] Temporary basal rates

Jonelle, I don't like the suspend mode.   If you decide to eat a candy bar
on the ride up, you can't bolus without a lot of fussing.   You might find
it easier to just set a basal of 0.1 per hour.  That shouldn't make you too
low, and it will keep the insulin flowing in the tubing and catheter, and
you can easily bolus if needed, or if you check and find a high BG.

<<<<<<<<<I am going skiing this weekend, the first time since I've had the
pump.  My doc
recommended setting a temporary basal rate at half of my normal rate during
skiing and for 1-2 hours after.  I am an advanced beginner skier, so I'm not
jumping over anything or racing down the hill, but I do extend a lot of energy
trying not to fall!  I will probably be skiing on and off for 4 hours (if it's
really bad weather, then I'll resume my normal pump basal rates and hit the
I usually put my pump in "suspend" mode for one hour during aerobic
exercise and
then turn back on after the hour...I haven't gotten the extreme lows that I
to following exercise when I took shots.  Has anyone put their pump in
for a day of skiing?

** Wayne **

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