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[IP] Before and after diabetes

You know how the normal body has higher blood sugar in the early morning.
Well, if my blood sugar is 70 or 80 I wake up in the morning and am not tired.
But then if I have some juice and my blood sugar goes up to the normal morning
140, I go back to sleep.

I met this girl who said she had a low blood sugar problem, not diabetes. In
observing her I could recognize the symptoms. She had low blood sugar and I
mean so low she could not think, now this was after a hard game of basketball
and she wouldn't eat. In more recent days she has become somewhat psychotic.
Its sad, so clearly a physical problem but she turned down my offer of
friendship and I have no way to help her. Like pointing out to a friend, you
need to eat. But she did not take the physical dilemma seriously.
I get cranky if I'm high for a while. Its an irritating way to be. Body
doesn't know what to do.
Adjusting to the pump happily,
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