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Re: [IP] Alcohol question-or second drop

Using the second drop is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.
You must be confusing that with urine testing. One is not supposed
to use the first stream of urine because the "exit tubing" may hold
old urine. Also when you wake up you should urinate twice testing
the second urination so that the amount of sugar being spilled into
the urine reflects the activity of the past half hour or so. It is of course
fortunate that urine production is increased in the morning hours so
two urination's is usually not difficult to achieve. All of this does not
apply directly to blood testing. If one was to prick ones finger with
a dirty old snake tooth it would make sense to allow blood to flow for 
a while to purge the toxins introduced. However I happen to know
that when home blood testing was first available dinosaurs had stopped
roaming the earth and sterile sharp implements had been invented.
Looking at the two drops of blood, how can the first one be dirty
and the second one be clean. Oh! maybe you meant, put out a 
drop, wipe it with sterile tissue and then draw out a second drop.
Many health care workers jobs are to make compliance is so difficult
that nobody will follow all the rules. This permits them to say that
if people would just do what they say then there would be no suffering. 
Use the second drop of blood while sky diving and it will cure your diabetes. 
Oh, did you hear the one about you must draw the blood from your toe.
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