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RE: [IP] Exercise


Much of this I think is experimenting with your body's
reaction to the exercise that you are doing.  

A couple of points to remember, Humalog likely has a longer
peak time than many people say (the Lilley tests indicated
this).  For this reason, lowering your basals just before
you start your exercise likely had little impact on the
serum insulin level while you were exercising.  This may
have contributed to your crash.  Conversely, after eating
all that carb (cookies, coke, ect.) your serum insulin level
was lowered due to the previous temporary basal.  This may
have exasperated your rebound.  Your crash may have
triggered your glycogen stores in the liver, which would
also contributed to the rebound, and then when these stores
are replenished, the next morning crash.  The final point is
that sometimes your insulin sensitivity can be enhanced
during exercise, so the 0.5 U you took prior to exercising
may have had a greater impact.  Is that enough
hypothesizing???  All this is bits and pieces of what I've
read and experienced.  Hopefully some of it might apply to
your case and it might help some.

When I exercise, I prefer to add cards to cover it rather
than decrease my basals (if you go too low in insulin level,
you can have an increasing bg).  If I am doing something
where lowering the basals works, ie., golfing, I try to
start the temporary rate a hour or two before I start.  The
other bit of advise might be to eat only enough carb to
"fix" the initial crash.  Cookies and coke was probably over
40 gm carbs, which for me would have pushed my bg up over
120 points.  Correcting only the problem is difficult,
particularly when you're uncomfortable and your brain is not
firing on all cylinders, but it can help avoid the roller
coaster which you described.

Best of luck,
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