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Re: [IP] Temporary basal rates

>I am going skiing this weekend, the first time since I've had the pump.
My doc
>recommended setting a temporary basal rate at half of my normal rate during
>skiing and for 1-2 hours after.  I am an advanced beginner skier, so I'm not
>jumping over anything or racing down the hill, but I do extend a lot of
>trying not to fall!  I will probably be skiing on and off for 4 hours (if
>really bad weather, then I'll resume my normal pump basal rates and hit the

When I go downhill skiing, I don't change any of my rates.  I find that the
added adrenaline seems to increase my blood sugar and offsets any decrease
from the exercise.  However, when I go cross-country skiing, I reduce my
basals by half, check frequently and carry snacks.  I tend to get very
vigorous on my cross-country skis but don't get the adrenaline rush (Oh my
GOSH!!! Watch out for that tree!!!) that I do on downhill skis.

You might have a different experience, though! :-)

Mary Jean

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