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Re: [IP] Exercise

Okay...I need some advice re: Barbara B.'s suggestion to NOT hit a high
with more insulin followed by Bob seconding this...

I changed my set this a.m. using my arm for the first time and a
Sillouette for the second time...so was a 71 on getting up and still 70
before breakfast an hour later. Bolused for breakfast with old set so
when noon arrived I was 48...new set went in at 10 am....where DID this
low come from?  I ate lunch and did NOT cover 12g of carb with bolus to
cover the 48...but did cover the rest of lunch with bolus.
At 3:30 my bg was 348!
So...I wonder IF new set and site is NOT working?   Or...is this a
I have bolused for the high AND used 50% more insulin for potential
resistance. At 4:30 a 30 drop to bg 317 and then at 5:30 a 51 point drop
in bg to 265...new set is working.
Now what can I expect?  Do I need to NOT cover all of dinner carb's?
I might add that at 3 a.m. I was 175 so did small regular bolus at 3
a.m. I was 170 at midnight as well
HELP!  I HATE low blood glucose reactions so much more than a high!

Becky LaSpina
It is 6:05 p.m. now where I am...
IDDM since 1957 - pumper since 12/26/98 

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