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[IP] Exercise

I just recently started on the Minimed pump (three weeks tomorrow!).  Last
night was the first time I tried to exercise with the pump.  I'd like to
hear from other pumpers as to how they handle their exercise routines.
Before I started exercising (after dinner) my bg was 195.  I took .5 units
to lower it a bit before starting.  I did about 35-40 minutes of aerobics
exercise while wearing the pump and not adjusting my basal rates (at that
time of day about .6 U/H).  After I was through, my bg was 103.  I ate a
couple of cookies, disconnected from the pump and took a shower.  After
showering my bg had dropped to 70.  I drank a regular coke and afterwards
had a little rebound hyperglycemia (around 250).  I bolused 1.5 units to
counteract the high and I woke up around 4:30 AM with another low of 59.

I think I will try again and perhaps just disconnect from the pump
altogether while working out.  What is an ideal bg reading you need to have
before starting exercise and do most of you disconnect from the pump or just
lower your basal rates?  Or does it depend on your bg reading before
starting?  I know that you should never excercise if your glucose is below
100 or above 300 basically. Hearing from those of you with experience will
help me to adjust my own routine!  Thank you.


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