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Re: [IP] (no subject, cont'd)

Now, Sara dear, was all that shouting and yelling at us sweet peers (read
pee-ers) just your opinion, or what?   What's that about do unto others,,,
etc. ,, etc.,, , *S*  Or was that just your opinion?

	Anyway Humalog is buffered, but as Forest Gump's mom used to say, "
buffering is as buffering does."  Anyway that was her opinion.  There are
lots of different kinds of buffers and reasons for buffering, in my opinion
anyway.  But I don't know what it was about buffering that you were asking,
so I won't even offer my opinion on this :-).

<<<<<<this way, you dont sound like some medical professional "dictating"
to all of
us non-compliant, defective, sugar-peeing people, and you are sharing your
personal experience, which we all consider valid, important and worthy of
shring...it is when we start trying to sound like authorities, without
qualifying it as IN MY OPINION, or IN MY EXPERIENCE, that people tend to get
their knickers in a twist.
And by the way, I thought someone said the Humalog WAS buffered..wayne?
john?? help??

** Wayne **

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