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Re: [IP] Alcohol question-or second drop

In a message dated 2/18/99 9:24:41 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<<It was 384---then I made her wash her hands(which the kids didn't
do of course) then it was 114. >>

The nurse at an endo's office I tried out last year (and rejected for many
reasons) was very insistent that I should not use the first drop of blood for
the contamination reason (I had told her I usually try to wash in warm water
first because it helps me get a better drop, but if that is not convenient I
use alcohol.  Her take on it was that there was a possibility of contamination
between the sink and the bedside table where I test -- I thought that was a
bit too careful).

Are any of you still getting advised to use the second drop?  (it was
certainly the standard advice around here at the beginning of hbgm)  If I was
one of you lucky people who bleed profusely, I would do it routinely.

Linda Zottoli
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