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Re: [IP] Alcohol question

On 18 Feb 99 at 9:23, email @ redacted wrote:

> For everyones info   My cousin Heather is here for vacation and she wanted to
> check her bg.It was 384---then I made her wash her hands(which the kids didn't
> do of course) then it was 114. 

This points up an often overlooked item - it's easy to "contaminate" your hands 
with sugar from all kinds of odd sources.  If the mail clerk at the office here 
puts up the mail after eating the Wednesday donuts I can easily get some of the 
glazing on my hands...  so if I get an unexpected high the first thing to do is 
to wash my hands and try again using another finger...  and many times I've had 
it drop from extremely high to within target.  It scares me to think that if I 
hadn't retested I might have reacted to the false high reading... 

Moral of the story - if you get an unexpected high wash your hands and retest 
at least once to verify before taking action.

Randall P. Winchester
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