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Re: [IP] depression/diabetes

On 17 Feb 99 at 20:31, email @ redacted wrote:

> Did you ask her what her blood sugars are running.  betcha she is on the
> higher side.  Yes - these symptoms are normal for out of control persons with
> diabetes...ask my mom, or buddy's wife, or Mary jeans's husband or Randall's
> sons...better control = better quality of life in all areas (except maybe
> financially)

Except that my sons sometimes tend to be hard to communicate with... and a 
friend here tells me it just gets worse as they grow older...  But even now 
they are learning to tell me to check my bg or eat a sugar tab. 

> > I could honestly relate to her. Do any of the rest of you feel diabetes 
> > has done this to you?
> yup...and try as I might to have a positive, offensive attitude towards this
> crap, sometimes it is WAYYY too much for me. 

I was counseling with a newly diagnosed person a while back and her parents 
were surprised when I said that there is one defining characteristic of 
diabetes and the treatment protocols  - it really sucks...  She brightened up 
some when I said that...  she had been getting the "it's all ok" line from 
parents, nurses and doctors and was getting into a "what's wrong with me" 
thought process.   My comment was totally surprising to her and gave her 
permission to express how she really felt at the moment...  

One of her parents said it wasn't what they had expected me to say... I was 
supposed to come in and give some "ministerial counseling" about not feeling 
bad etc...   and when I talked further with them they began to understand why 
the "it's OK" line can make things difficult to handle...  you have to 
acknowledge that the situation is bad, you don't like it, you don't think it's 
any fun and it really is an annoying pain... and once everyone accepts that 
then you are prepared to work to minimize the impact on your life by working 
with the medical "professionals" to develop a livable treatment plan...

> You people ARE my support group.  I am single, I live with two couldn't care
> less guys and my family is all 1,000 miles away.  If I dont wake up tomorrow,
> the only person who will notice is my boss..and he will just assume I am still
> mad at him and decided not to come it...scary...

Even for those of us who have local support like family and friends this list 
is an important part of our support network...  

> don't let the depression over take you, the woman sounds truly clincailly
> depressed and needs to ask for some prozac...DON't be ashamed.  Better living
> through chemicals is NOT just an ad campaign!  It works!!!  

I think the old phrase was "better living through chemistry"...  but it does 
work and is nothing to be ashamed of.   Seeking proper help and the improved 
life that comes with proper medical treatment is the right thing to do.  The 
person who should be ashamed is the person who looks down on or belittles 
someone else's problem without having a better, workable or proper solution to 

Randall P. Winchester
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