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Re: [IP] Beginning Pumping


I too had BC/BS HMO when I got my pump.  They told myself and D that I would be covered at 100%.  After being plugged in for almost a month I get a notice that they are only paying as out of pocket.  I immediately called D and wanted to send everything back ( I had 30 days ).  We worked something out.  Anyway, I also wrote a letter to the Insurance Commissioner and D worked with BC/BS.  Well thanks to my letter the pump and supplies got paid for at 100% within a month.  I won this one!  Ya for me.  :-)  Also, I got copies of any and all documentation that D had so you may want to get that from M.  It worked for me and I hope you try and it will work for you.

ps.  If you would like a copy of my letter, feel free to email me privately and I can snail mail or attached to an email.  It's in Word 97 format.

I may have broke the record. I got my pump in two days. I have BC/BS HMO. Unfortunately there was a mix up. Minimed was told I would be 100% covered so they shipped out the pump and 1 yrs worth of supplies in September. This is February and they're (BC/BS) still trying to decide how to handle my case.