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Re: [IP] exercise & carbs


> over two hours = .8 is that it took 2 units when my BG's were 247 range
> to bring them down to normal values the previous couple days.
> Any ideas on this?

I was doing something similar and having similar problems for my exercise.
Since being on the pump I turn my basel rate down by 40-50% for the hour
that I am riding my exercise bike, if I my bs <=100.  Otherwise I leave
it.  This has worked well for me.  I no longer have to eat before I
exercise or stuff my face afterwards.  I also don't have the highs
afterwards either.  You may need to play with the numbers because as always
YMMV.  Oh, and if by bs >= 200 I give a bolus using my calculation for a
high.  e.g..  1 unit brings me down 45 points.  I have not had a problem
with this either, but fortunately I have only done this a couple of times.
This is just what has worked for me.

Good Luck,

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