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[IP] exercise & carbs

I have two questions:

1)  I, too at times like to use gummy bears to treat hypos.  Could
someone tell me the carb content of x number of bears?  I can't seem to
find it in my carb counting book, and as I live in Canada, there is not
a law here that all foods have to have nutritional labels on them.

2)  Exercise:  My exercise of late is cycling for 30" on a staionary
bike.  I usually ingest at least 30 Gm of carb before exercsing if I
start with a normal BG.  An hour or so after exercise, I have a
beautiful "normal" BG (107 and 114).  Two hours later, it has been
consistently been 247 and 241.  This evening, I tried a temp basal rate
increase from .8 to 1.2 for two hours beginning at the start of
exercise.  Two hours later, BG is 104.  Four hours later, hypo.  I
didn't test, just ate.  I may try to increase the basal but not so much
next time.  The reason I chose to increase the basal rate by .4 units
over two hours = .8 is that it took 2 units when my BG's were 247 range
to bring them down to normal values the previous couple days.
Any ideas on this?


Janet Riganti

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