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RE:[IP] Predisposed to diabetes-lab tests?

The specific test being used for the first level of
screening is the Insulin Antibody test.  Like the one who
had several negatives which became positives shortly
thereafter, I have some reservations about this test.  

My children are being tested yearly and last year my oldest
(age 5 at the time) came back positive.  I went pretty crazy
with the guilt ect.  (I had known of the prospect of passing
this pleasure onto my children, but it is different when it
is staring me in the face.)  Anyway, when someone is
positive on the Insulin Antibody test, several second-level
screening tests are done.  These include a repeat of the
insulin antibody and a glucose tolerance test, plus a couple
more.  The glucose tolerance test injects a glucose solution
into one arm and then measures the body's insulin production
in response to it out of the other arm.  Anyway, my daughter
was negative on all tests at the second level.  Because of
the earlier positive, we had one more insulin antibody test
to "break the tie."  This was again negative, so she was
ranked at low likelihood.  In a couple of weeks we have
another yearly insulin antibody test.

Had these second round of tests been positive, she would
have been placed into one of two risk categories and been
put onto one of the two preventive treatment regiments;
insulin injections or insulin pills.

I have been told that this insulin antibody test is not too
good at predicting the onset of diabetes.  However, it is as
good as is available for the first level of screening.  I am
trying to keep this in mind as we go back for another

It is also important to remember that this is a scientific
program.  By this I mean that they want to identify people
who are likely to develop diabetes, if some who do develop
the disease go unmarked, that will not influence their
statistics and hence their results.  What they cannot
tolerate is identifying someone falsely as being at risk. 
If they did, then one of their treatments might look better
then it really is.

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