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Re: [IP] fat babies

In a message dated 99-02-17 20:34:12 EST, you write:

<< you have
 a higher risk of developing type 2, especially ... if you are overweight and
sedentary - you strain that pancreas too  much and it will go on strike. >>

Well, lemme see ...

What can happen is, you have this li'l ol' defect where your body doesn't use
insulin properly. So your pancreas pumps out more insulin so your BGs will
stay in normal ranges. Never mind that it's too much insulin, and insulin is
that wonderful little "fat storage hormone," so you start to gain weight and
you just can't seem to stop it. However, your BGs are still in normal ranges,
mind you, so you're just fine thank you very much. Then comes the day when
your pancreas just can't pump out enough insulin to keep your BGs in normal
ranges and you're eventually DX'd as having DM. At which point, you're
overweight (because your body hasn't been metabolizing properly), your BGs are
high ('cause your pancreas can't handle the load), you're tired all the time
('cause your BGs are high) ... And you're told that you have DM because you're
"fat and lazy." 

How about you're "fat and lazy" because you have DM, folks? Although it isn't
an autoimmune disease like type 1, maybe some type 2s "can't help it," either.

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