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[IP] RE: Alcohol question

Christine wrote:

> Buddy, I don't know where your CDE went to school, but I cannot 
> believe she advised her patients not to use alcohol.  

Mine did too and she is a nurse AND more importantly a 8 time a day, blood
testing, pump wearing diabetic.  This is of course another case where YMMV.
Knowing Buddy as I do, I am quite sure that am mere alcohol pad would do
NOTHING to clean his skin...heck it might dissolve the stuff that is holding
him together...so if just a little old soap and water works for him...bless
him.  For me, if I am fortunate enough to have showered prior to my site
change, great..if not, I will swap with alcohol, and then wipe with Bard for
stickiness.  I don't have TIME to scrub down with the betadine stuff, and
since i have only had one minot infection in almost 6 years in pumping, I see
no reason to change...of course as CJ says, one day I may say...I WISH I HAD
LISTENED....but I sincerely doubt that...

you write:

> the point of wiping with alcohol is to kill the ones around the area 

well, i am no scientist, but I think someone here did present scientific
evidence that alcohol does not in fact kill all the bad bacteria...or the good
if I remember correctly.  I have stuck the same used syringe in the same
unswabbed bottle of insulin for years - back in those days when I would use
the same syringe for several days. and never ever, not even once, experienced
an infection.

As for finger sticks...I have neither time, nor energy, nor funds to go thru
8-10 alcohol pads a day...if it is really dirty, I will spit on it and at
least get the city grime off... works for me...and my fingers arent dried and
cracking like so many people I hear about who do use alcohol

So, Christine and all you other people who believe in alcohol and Betadine!
great!!!  sincere congratulations on being people who know how to follow rules
and directions, perhaps in the long run, your fingers will out last me, but I
prefer my way for now...and since this is America...and this diabetes is MINE
and not some medical professionals, nor some scientist in a white lab coat, I
guess I will continue to break the rules until my fingers fall off...and my
stomach falls off in infected chunks...now wouldn't that be a great way to
lose some weight!!!  Then I could eat all the snacks I wanted and still lose
weight without going into DKA!!!  cool!!

whose views expressed are solely her own and she would never think of
infringing them on you if you didnt have the equal right to infringe yours
upon me!!!

with alcohol.  Yes, bacteria normally exists, but the at they do not enter an
"opened" wound when you prick your finger.  
This is just the P.O.V. of one of those "educated" persons....
Who's missing all the "Laissez les bon temps roullez" in New Orleans..
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