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[IP] hospital standard operating procedure

WAS:  Leaving sites in for more than 3 days

and Barb added
>This recommendation comes from the Centers for Disease 
> Control.....for all infusion set devices in order to minimize the chance 
> of insertion site infections.

and Brian added
> It is also manditory at hospitals... or atleast the one i am at.

yeah yeah yeah...and standard operating procedure is to put all patients on
the dextrose IV...maybe this isnt the case in the REAL world, but on ER (the
show) and in ALL of my hospital experiences (NONE related to DKA or insulin
reactions) the first thing they do is put in an IV line and hook yu up to
fluids...and normally this is a sugar laden bag of water... Now if you have
someone unconsvious and you dont know why cuz they were foolish enough NOT to
be wearing a medic alert bracelet, what will this accomplish other than to
drive their sugar higher..

basically, the point of my diatribe is that just cuz hospitals and the center
for disease control say it is the way to do things...I tend to think perhaps
they are "generalizing" and I don't like to be generalized.  Plus I know how
to cut off the flow of hte IV bag and until my endo says I NEED the IV
dextrose, and until I know the concentration and rate of flow...it ain't going
in me!!  rules or no rules

who is sooooooo very contrary tonight

Brian Carter
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