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[IP] fat babies

how is that for a subject line???

Jan wrote:

> I think I've read where a woman who has babies weighing more 
> than 9 pounds is at higher risk for DM, as are people who weighed 
> more than 9 pounds when they were born. 

well just as contrast, all of my mom's kids weighed in at under 6 pounds, me
included, even though I was 2 weeks late.  and I am the only one "blessed"
with diabetes.

I think it is more a hereditary thing, and specifically, a genetic dispostion,
more than anyting else...if you have lots of type 2s in your family...you have
a higher risk of developing type 2, especially (and this may not include ALL
type 2s), if you are overweight and sedentary - you strain that pancreas too
much and it will go on strike.  whereas, type 1s really have no control over
it...we may have had the genetic disposition but whether we weighed 9 pounds
or 4 lbs 5 oz, it wont change the hand we were dealt.  This is why you all
MUST have your relatives checked for that antigen...if they can predict that
you have the genetic marker for possibly developing diabetes...DO something
about it...don't wait til you end up in the ER with your child in a coma from
DKA!!  (sorry - not preaching...)

who wishes her blessings had been in wealth and patience instead, and that the
hand I was dealt had more handsome princes than frogs!!!
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