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[IP] depression/diabetes

Sue Ellen wrote:

> I was talking to a lady who has had diabetes for 3 years....talked about how
> tired she has become......mentioned that her grandkids get on her nerves 
> .......struggles with depression and would rather just stay home 

Did you ask her what her blood sugars are running.  betcha she is on the
higher side.  Yes - these symptoms are normal for out of control persons with
diabetes...ask my mom, or buddy's wife, or Mary jeans's husband or Randall's
sons...better control = better quality of life in all areas (except maybe

> I could honestly relate to her. Do any of the rest of you feel diabetes 
> has done this to you?

yup...and try as I might to have a positive, offensive attitude towards this
crap, sometimes it is WAYYY too much for me.  Sometimes it is not enough to
tell myself that things could be worse...in fact that usefully has the
opposite effect...I could be completely blind or have complete kidney failure
or have had complete leg amputations...etc.  and sometimes trying to "live
life to the fullest" isn't possible cuz you can't see well enough to drive
yourself to work, let alone set up your insulin pump.

Hopefully, we all have a loving support group, like this list, and even better
a live person, who loves us despite our defect and who wont leave us cuz we
took too much insulin and passed out, or lost our sight, despite having taken
excellent control of ourselves... It is a reality that will never go away,
until "they" stop putting band aids on diabetes and cure it once and for all.
We have to be strong enough to carry it on our own til then...JUST IN CASE
there is no one there to help us...

You people ARE my support group.  I am single, I live with two couldn't care
less guys and my family is all 1,000 miles away.  If I dont wake up tomorrow,
the only person who will notice is my boss..and he will just assume I am still
mad at him and decided not to come it...scary...

don't let the depression over take you, the woman sounds truly clincailly
depressed and needs to ask for some prozac...DON't be ashamed.  Better living
through chemicals is NOT just an ad campaign!  It works!!!  

Sara (who is currently not on Prozac, but has been in the past, and damn what
a difference it makes in enjoying those darn holidays!)
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