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Re: [IP] Before and After Diabetes

On 17 Feb 99 at 13:55, mike laspina wrote:

> Today...my eldest son does suffer depression and at times very severe
> depression...his behavior is similar to a manic-depressive person. He
> has been IDDM since 1987...BUT his depression goes way back BEFORE his
> diagnosis.  I am NOT his doctor BUT his parent and I don't believe he
> takes good care of his health.  He does take an anti-depressant
> medication.  


> I can empathize with folks suffering from depression...perhaps
> depression is its OWN illness that can also be controlled with proper
> diagnosis and medication.

Depression is definitely its OWN illness that can be controlled with proper 
diagnosis and medication.  It is also helped by being around the right people - 
who don't minimize its impact or make the person feel bad about being 
depressed...   There should be no real social stigma attached to having 
depression and treating it properly, no more than having a cast on a broken arm 
or having to take insulin!  

>  I am NOT the
> disease...I am alot of other things as well!!!

A big YES!  None of us is "a named medical condition" - we are people, each 
with our own weirdness, needs, wants, dreams, desires and unique abilities...  
We are each created as a person - and those who want to mash us all together 
are playing with dangerous material...

Randall P. Winchester
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* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
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