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Re: [IP] RE: Alcohol question

In a message dated 99-02-17 11:19:25 EST, you write:

<< And there was
 scientific study a few years ago that show that people who injected insulin
 through their unwashed clothes and unwiped skin had no greater incidence of
 infection or increased white blood cells.  >>
There was also another research study done by home health nurses to see if
patients who reused syringes and tested or injected without alcohol wipes
developed skin infections. Guess what...they didn't! The reuse was based on
limited income and the need to conserve supplies. I discourage my patients
from using alcohol wipes and encourage the use of antibacterial soap to clean
the skin. The use of a skin barier is recommended for people who have
difficulty with tape adhesiveness, or skin allergies. There has also been
research on the effectiveness of antibacterial soaps in reducing the groth of
skin bacteria. The results are more positive when conpared to alcohol use.
Barbara B.
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