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[IP] Diabetes simulator

Brian Carter forwarded:
> >Hi there.  I came across your site on the Web and thought that you might
> >like to check out 'AIDA on-line' - a free Web site which provides
> >interactive educational diabetes simulations of glucose-insulin interaction
> >in your Web browser window.
> >
> >AIDA on-line can be accessed on the Web, without charge, at:
> >
> >    http://www.shodor.org/aida

It's not pump-enabled, nor does it profile Humalog (how very British!) -
but it's excellent fun to play with :) Bit like playing SimCity with
someone else's diabetes. Choose from 30 different diabetic patients,
fiddle with their insulins, doses, meals, renal thresholds,
liver-insulin sensitivity... Hit the submit button, view the excellent
graphs, and try and minimise the glucose being spilled in the urine.

Bit like real life, but with the random element taken out...

I'll let you know what my highscore is when I've played again.

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