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Re: [IP] Alcohol question

>      In 20 years of pumping and a little longer finger testing I've had no 
>      infectious sites from pump or finger sticks.  I have never alchoholed 
>      my fingers and only alch'd my tummy for the first year or three (when 

Likewise... After 8 months of meticulously swabbing the area with
chlorhexidine (much more poisonous to bacteria), I slackened off and for
the last 5 months I've just stuck the insertion needle straight in. No
cleansing. No infections. Set change now down to 90 seconds.

Swapping your fingers with alcohol is quite unusual now, as it has no
effect on infection rate. Since you squeeze blood straight back out, you
flush out anything that might have got in. And the repeated application
of alcohol damages the skin in the long term far more than the prick

Alcohol by mouth only...

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