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Re: [IP] Before and After Diabetes

Like many people...I do not recall Before...except that I was very sick
I can remember going to the grocery store with Grandma and Grandma
buying me a Twinkie which after I ate the Twinkie I became VERY ill and
this was Before.  I have NEVER had the desire to eat another one and the
original incident took place more than 42 years ago!
After there were several hospital stays due to complications of
pneumonia AND the resulting out-of-control diabetes.  
After there were several episodes of unconsciousness due to low blood
sugars and even a trip in an ambulance to the hospital...and the theory
way back then was that I was allergic to Regular Insulin!
At age 12 years I decided to end my life by taking an overdose of
medication...being 12 one doesn't really know "how-to" ...or I
didn't...as I did wake up afterwards and was quite surprised to be still
living.  I decided then and there that there was a reason for me to be
alive.  I NEVER told a soul about the attempt.
Today...my eldest son does suffer depression and at times very severe
depression...his behavior is similar to a manic-depressive person. He
has been IDDM since 1987...BUT his depression goes way back BEFORE his
diagnosis.  I am NOT his doctor BUT his parent and I don't believe he
takes good care of his health.  He does take an anti-depressant
I do NOT suffer from depression...I am a very optimistic
person...responsible for myself in mood and in life.  I would NOT know
how to live without being a diabetic nor do I even think about living
any other lifestyle.  I am happy...I do alot of hobbies that require my
being optimistic such as showing dog's in conformation, obedience,
agility and herding...have a ten acre farm with other livestock and love
to garden...both food and flowers.
I can empathize with folks suffering from depression...perhaps
depression is its OWN illness that can also be controlled with proper
diagnosis and medication.
While Fran is offended to read how one should be grateful to NOT have
other "worse" disease's than is diabetes...I myself am grateful to just
be who I am...and I am a long-term diabetic BUT  I am NOT the
disease...I am alot of other things as well!!!

Becky LaSpina
IDDM since 1957 - pumper since 12/26/98

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