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Re: [IP] Before and After Diabetes

I don't have a before and after that I can remember, I was three when diagnosed.
I'll admit I struggle like crazy with depression.  Now is that because of how long
I've had diabetes and the day in and day out maintenance for so long?  Is it the
disease itself?  Is it the people I have to deal with because of this disease? (
yes yes yes!!!  <VBG> ) Is it just me?  Gee's who knows.  I still haven't been
able to answer that question.  I honestly don't believe anyone can either, but
maybe there are ideas / suggestions.

Last night I was at a pumpers meeting and depression was brought up.  The CDE who
is diabetic and was very cool, in MHO, said that statistically basically anyone
with a chronic illness suffers from depression at higher rate than someone not.
IT's not the disease itself it's the work to maintain the illness.

Another item that was mentioned, that it takes a good year of pumping before you
really begin to notice a big difference.  Have others found this to be true?  I
must admit after getting a 5.86 ( and not due to lows, my doctor asked me that )
a1c I thought to myself, I should feel better. I still feel tired, low energy,

After reading some of the responses to this I have to, ok I choose to add my two
cents worth.  I have a very difficult time when others make comments such as "we
could have a lot worse disease", "diabetes is better than ____", etc..  I just
believe comparing is not good.  I hate being diabetic and yes I'd love to be
disease free.  Do I let it stop me, no.  Do I blame it for my "stuff" in life,
no.  If anything I think it's shaped into being a compassionate loving
individual.  I just have a hard time reading that I could be worse off with some
other disease.


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