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Re: [IP] Big babies

Vicki McDonald wrote:
> I was a puny thing -- about 6 pounds (my mother smoked during her
> pregnancy -- who knew back then?) 

Somehow, I don't see 6 pounds as puny!!!  Average weight for newborns is
6 - 8 lb., and normal is really 5 - 9 lb.  

For you, as a diabetic, to deliver an 8lb.13oz. baby is really great --
it means you did a good job taking care of yourself during pregnancy! :)

Non-diabetics who deliver babies over 9 lb. are considered at higher
risk of future development of Type 2 DM -- the reason is that the baby
gets so big because it's using its mother's oversupply of insulin to
deposit fat. Even if mom doesn't show high BGs, she's still
overproducing insulin to keep herself in the right range, and the baby
is affected. 

If the mom's BGs ARE high, then the baby can also get big, because in
the last few months of pregnancy, it secretes its own insulin, and is
getting too much glucose from the placenta. 

I weighed 4 lb. at birth, and my son weighed 8 lb. exactly double me!
I'm glad he was normal weight, and I hope he doesn't inherit my DM -- I
didn't have gestational DM, and neither one of my parents had DM, and
neither one of my siblings has DM, so maybe my son will get lucky,


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